Youth Participation

Youth Moves believes that all young people should have the opportunity to fully participate in decisions that affect their lives. 


Youth Moves believe that for a youth project to be successful young people need to take the lead in developing the programme, monitoring and evaluating the delivery, and advising the staff and Board of Trustees what they need to do to ensure the project continues to develop and improve to meet young people's needs.


Each delivery project of Youth Moves e.g. Juniors/ Inters/ Seniors youth club nights and our projects will develop a method for the participants to be able to influence and have an active role in their programme, opening hours and recruitment of staff.

Why do Youth Moves believe in participation?

Youth Moves is committed to ensuring active participation of young people as evidence shows that the skills, confidence and knowledge that Young People gain through decision-making are skills that will benefit them right through their lives.


Young people who are supported to be involved in decision-making have increased motivation, aspirations and self-worth.


By making a difference in their project and community young people personally feel a sense of achievement and ownership which improves the service and helps to develop a positive image of young people within the community .

Youth Opinions


Youth Moves have an advisory group of young people called Youth Opinions that meet regularly to discuss issues and make referrals to the staff and board of directors. 


This group is made up from representatives of each delivery area and will be facilitated by a Youth Worker who will offer ongoing support and training to ensure the young people are comfortable and confident to represent Young People’s views at community meetings and with organisations that make decisions that affect Young People for example Police, Health Agencies and Bristol's Youth Parliament.


Another role that Youth Opinions have is to monitor and evaluate the standards of delivery within youth groups and where necessary make recommendations on how they could improve.


Youth Opinions are always looking for new members to join them or suggestions on what they could include in their role . 

If you have any issues or would like to help develop new ideas or projects  please contact Jackie Eddy for more information or email the Young people at

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