With grassroots football now returning after being affected by lockdown, Youth Moves are getting involved with youth football.

This season we are sponsoring one of the kits for Brislington Juniors FC.

The club attract players from all over South Bristol, the key areas of the city in which we work, so its a perfect fit.

Youth Moves are sponsoring the training tops of Brislington Juniors FC

This came about after Youth Moves youth worker Paul Coyne, who's Grandson Brad plays for Brislington Juniors Under 14s, won a competition. Team manager Craig said: "We always ask for sponsorship for our kits, and with the situation with covid lots of companies are struggling for money at the moment, so we decided to do a football card competition.

People paid £20 a team and there were 40 teams on the card, and the winner could have anyone they wanted as the sponsor of the shirt. Which could be a company you work for or a charity you support, whatever. And the winner was Paul," he added.

This meant that the Youth Moves logo will be placed on the tracksuit and training tops of the players. 

The club was founded in 1985, by Craig's father Ted Dixon and Jim Underhay, as there weren't any football teams in the Brislington area. So Brislington Juniors was borne, playing their matches at Arnos Park.

Today the club has teams across all age groups, starting with their Saturday morning soccer school from kids as young as four to six, to the youngest team itself the under 7s, right up to under 18s. Also there are currently four girls teams, as well as the Wild Cats project, an FA fun football initiative for young female players. 

Offering this range of opportunities and bringing young people from all across South Bristol communities together is important for Craig and the club. He explained: "Paul's Grandson Brad plays for the team and lives in Knowle West, but others come from different areas, so when they get together on an evening training session and play football, for that hour or so they are out there running around and having a laugh and making new friends."

They also now have two adult teams, one inn Somerset Div 1, and the other in the Bristol Suburban League. Leaving an impressive 22 football teams all across the football club.

For Craig having a sponsor linked to a charity is a real positive. He continued: "All our players mainly come from all across South Bristol, so I am really pleased thats it's a local charity that has won it. This reflects well on the community and the football club.

In many was the football is important, but the social side for us is more. The parents become our social group, so having a real community feel is important to us. So an organisation like Youth Moves that is local and works with young people is a perfect fit."

Craig would encourage young people to join a club as it has great benefits, both physical and social. He said; "The great thing is they meet people from different communities, so different estates in South bristol that maybe wouldn't usually mix. It's not just their school friends, they meet new ones they wouldn't ordinarily do, which broadens their horizons."

Brislington Juniors FC team photo

Good luck this season Brislington Juniors. We are all behind you for the start of the new season!

If you would like to find out more about the club then check them out here