Ivor Andersen is a music producer and DJ in the Bristol band Laid Blak. 

Going by the name DJ Bunjy, he has been a pioneer in the infamous city's music scene for decades. Born and raised in Knowle West he is acutely aware of the issues facing young people in the communities in which we work.

Ivor has himself worked as a sessional youth worker for the local authority, and delivered countless Dj workshops to young people ove the years. 

Now on the cusp of making it big, regularly selling out major venues in Bristol, his band have played some of the largest festivals in Europe including Glastonbury, and have embarked on a country wide tour. They have recently released a new album.

In 2020, Ivor was made a city ambassador for Bristol by Mayor Marvin Rees, alongside two others, and travels abroad spreading the message of the city.