Lockdown life has been tough for young people, but for some of the staff too. None more than for our longest serving member Paul Coyne, a man who likes to wander around his beloved Knowle West estate talking face to face young people.

He is very well known in the local community, has worked here for ???? years, and is caretaker at the local primary school ?????. So being told he had to stay indoors was something by his own admission he struggled with at first. Paul said: "Am not one for sitting still for long

The hardest thing for Paul was adapting to the technology as we moved all out contacts onto zoom - a video services, including a virtual youth club nights. He would admit he's not the greatest online, so was out of his comfort zone. He said; "Yes I was out of my comfort zone big time, it was weird at first.

But we adapted, and actually I think I learnt something.

He did, however, learn a few things, and one was patience.

When the announcement of the change in Government guideines came, he was relieved and immediately set up lots of meetings, taking young people up into the Dundry Hills. we are allowed to meet young people on a 121 and in small groups out and about

With things changing rapidly, and new guidleines only just released, Paul is looking forward when things fully come back to normal. He said; " I am very much looking forward...

The resilience and patience of young people is something he honours, and has been very impressed. 'We have all been so impressed with how our young people have adapted, truly brilliant. Its not easy, and some have a tough time anyway, so fair play ot them all."