The youth charity based in Knowle West has launched a new campaign called ‘Bridging The Gap.’  

It is inspired by some young people we work who have never visited the Clifton Suspension Bridge, the famous iconic spot that attracts tourists from all over the world.

We felt this was symbolic of a cultural, social, and economic divide in Bristol. In South Bristol, there are nine out of ten of the most deprived wards, ten times less the amount of people going to university, with a life expectancy gap of 12 years less than other parts of the city. This runs incongruent to the global image of Bristol being a great success.

Our campaign aims to raise awareness by providing data, telling real stories, lobbying local authorities, businesses, partners and communities to act. We know the obvious barriers, but we also know the endless potential of young people we work with  - and we feel the city needs provide a wider range of opportunities and access for this potential to be fulfilled. 

CEO Ali Dale said : “We believe that talent is evenly distributed across Bristol, but opportunity is not. Everyone deserves the chance to become what they want in their future, but there are many barriers that young people face currently in our city.

Youth work is about inspiring lives, and we want young people in South Bristol to grow up having access to all the amazing opportunities on offer in this thriving multi-cultural city.

We want to do this by bringing the city together, from communities to charities to businesses, to raise awareness of challenges faced in this part of the city, and look together for solutions. So Bristol can be a city where no one is left behind.”

Youth Club night at Youth Moves based in Knowle West 

We are launching a series of conversations on film, podcast, a social media campaign and articles asking key questions and exploring ideas.

We want Bristol to be a city for everyone - and our aim is to start Bridging The Gap. 

To get involved, as a volunteer, a business or a resident or a guest speaker get in touch on [email protected] or 0117 363 4969.