One of the great parts of youth work is seeing young people grow and change, and being in a position to offer opportunities.

And thats exactly what's happened with Cody Vile.

The 19 year old from Knowle West started out as a young person on Youth Moves projects, and has now just started as an apprentice.

We are excited to have him on board, as is Cody himself. He said: "My first day was last week and I was very excited. Am really pleased I got the apprenticeship role, very happy. Particularly as its with Youth Moves, as they were the organisation that helped keep me out of trouble as a lad. So to be able to give something back and help others is great."

Cody on his first day as an apprentice with Youth Moves. Here on a detatched session in Hartcliffe.

Youth Moves started life as Positive Futures, part of a national youth work project, and it was from back then that Cody became involved with us. Some staff remember the young Cody, particularly youth Worker Jim who also started out as an apprentice himself. He said:"I worked with Cody when he was ten, when funny enough I was an apprentice. We used to deliver football sessions in his primary school Chris The King. I remember him being football mad, he loved that. He then came to juniors club a lot.

He's come a long way, given up his job to come to us which shows how committed he is. To have him on board now is amazing, it sums up what Youth Moves is all about for me really. Passing the baton on," Jim added.

Having been in the same situation as many of the young people he will be working with, and being familiar with the South Bristol area, Cody feels gives him a real advantage. He explained: "Well I loved being on the project as a kid, and know the stuff they used to do with me. They taught me a lot, so I feel I am able to do the same with the young people now. Tips I picked up.

And of course in an area I know," he added.

For CEO Ali Dale this is one of those golden moments that comes along when running the charity, and he is very proud to be able to offer Cody this role. He said: "This is one of those truly proud moments for me. Seeing a young person we had as a young boy develop and mature into the young adult he is now. And us being in a position to offer him something concrete, a job opportunity.

He continued,"Recruiting locally, and upskilling the South Bristol community to offer local solutions is important to us, and having  a clear pathway for progression. Cody joins a list of young people we have had that have come through the project, something which we value and will continue to foster. I am confident he will be a huge asset to us."

Cody aged 10 (bottom left) playing for Positive Futures at the national youth work football tournament in Basingstoke in 2010.

Cody's first day was doing detatched work around Morrison's carpark in Hartcliffe. He explained: "Yes was good, loads of young people were there and we had a massive kick about, I really enjoyed it. Was good fun."

And he admits that making that transition from young person to worker might feel a little strange at first, "Yes it's a little bit weird, am used to being told what to do rather than telling others what to do," he laughed.

Good luck Cody. We have no doubt you will be a success, and we are all behind you!