It's great to watch them develop, grow in confidence and equally look forward to hanging out. 

Mentoring is a vital component of our work with young people at Youth Moves.

The project, which is funded by BBC Children in Need, works extensively in various ways with young people across our patch.

The impact it has had is profound, and there are many stories of young people moving through adversity, overcoming a challenge and going onto to greater things.

Our article here highlights so of the feedback from these young people. 

But the learning cuts both ways, and some of our volunteer mentors see the huge benefits of mentoring young people themselves. It is a very rewarding experience. This is Dai's story. 

"Hello everyone - I'm Dai. Almost as Bristolian now as I am Welsh - if not more as my friends from home like to tell me. I'm lucky enough to be a volunteer mentor with Youth Moves.

Youth Moves mentor Dai

I spend time with some amazing, inspirational, funny, resilient young people from across Bristol. 

I started mentoring back in March 2019. I'd love to say it was always my goal in life to do something like this, but it wasn't. I'd never really thought about volunteering or mentoring. I was sat on the sofa one night, watching local news (very rock & roll) and a feature came on about another charity in the South West providing mentors for young people. 

The mentees were mind blowing, they'd overcome some massive challenges in their life and were doing great, loving life. The mentors just oozed happiness and pride for the young people they'd spent time with. So I thought that might be something I can do, I might be ok at it. 

So I did some hunting around and came across Youth Moves. They looked great, were doing some brilliant stuff in youth work, not just mentoring, so I dropped them an email to see if they needed a volunteer mentor. And here I am now.

I can honestly say I really look forward to each week's sessions. We always have a laugh. Do some great stuff. Bond. And this is the classic cliche, but it's great to watch them develop, grow in confidence and equally look forward to hanging out. 

And, it's great to be watching less local news. I would recommend it to anyone."

Find out more about our mentoring project here.