My daughter ashley was 12 when she first got involved with youth moves . It was a massive life saver and changer for me they help me in so many ways, and helped me mould and steer her in the right direction in the world we live in today.

They keep them off the streets and help guide them and encourage them and also build up their confidence to see things in different ways more positive outlook on life.

I promise it would be the best choice or decision they will ever make for themselves and their child. 

Alex - parent

Our daughter Esther said taking part in Urban Escape is the highlight of her week, and Susannah said she was so excited about it this evening, that she had butterflies in her tummy! 

So a huge thank you for all the work you've put in to it, particularly during lockdown into the virtual world.  We really appreciate the effort put in to keep things running and how creative your team is in doing that. 

Ellie and Andy - parents

Leon had a 1:1 worker at Youth Moves and during their sessions his mentor took him to youth club to meet other young people. This was the first social thing for him in Knowle West as before then he just stayed in the house and isolated himself. He has now made lots of friends and this has really helped him with his self esteem and confidence.
People say bad things about the area but there is loads going on and Youth Moves is the perfect example of this. They are a credit to the local community, what they offer keeps the kids out of trouble, and without them many would struggle.

Charleyne - parent

Aaron went to the local school called Christ the King. It was through that that he first came into contact with Youth Moves via Paul Coyne and forest school. He then went onto do some of the out of school activities that Youth Moves run.
Aaron has made new friends and has grown in confidence as a result of being in the groups mentioned. This is what I see as a parent but on asking Aaron he will always say tuck shop is the best thing about Youth Moves. It has given Aaron a bit of independence something he needs as he gets older.

Kath  - parent