Despite everything that he has been going through he never gave up

Youth Moves prides itself on supporting people throughout their education in a number of ways. So when we swept the board with all three nominations in the Learning Hero category at the Bristol Young Heroes awards in December 2020, it was a truly proud moment.

The difficulty would be picking a winner, we knew it was going to be such a tough decision for the panel. For us all three were winners, and all deserved the accolade. So when Franklin was runner up, we celebrated his  amazing achievement as much as Shae-Ann who won.

George, our former youth worker, explains the reasons why he did.

"Despite everything that he has been going through he never gave up.

So when I first started working with Frank he was getting into trouble with the community, school was going really bad for him. He was at risk of being permanently excluded from school, so we started working with him on a one to one. And over time Frank started accessing our youth club and became a really valuable member.  Homelife is much better, school life is improving and he’s in a much better place.

The reason why we are really proud of Frank is how he has always overcome challenges in his life. Of all the young people we work with he is one of the most hard working young people. He just keeps pushing on and pushing on, and it makes me and my job easier. It makes me realise that there’s people out there that can go through so many obstacles in life and they just keep going and then they find the light at the end of the tunnel.

So that’s why he inspires me.”

Well done Franklin, we are super proud you got nominated, and so should you be.

NB Header photo courtesy of Studio Duo