In December we took a group of young people to Liverpool.

They were there in their capacity as peer researchers at the PAC (Peer Active Collective) National Conference.

The conference was dedicated to looking at youth violence, it's root causes and it's potential solutions.

We were proud to have our team representing Youth Moves on behalf of young people across South Bristol, in what is one of the key issues of our time.

This youth led approach towards gathering insight and knowledge is a central part of our work, and something that we believe is critical in coming up with answers to this and many issues affecting young people today.

We thought we would like to share some photos from the conference below - a time to honour and celebrate some very impressive young people making a positive change to this world!

The Peer Researchers stand at the conference in Liverpool

Our Peer Researchers on stage

CJ on the panel discussing violent crime at the conference

A nice meal and Italian Lemonade shots at the end of the day! Well deserved :)

A bit of site seeing too! Here is Lily with one of Liverpool's finest sons John Lennon

CJ at the Beatles museum 

We will keep you all posted on any new developments on the ground breaking work that are peer researchers are doing.