Walking from Weston-Super-Mare to Burnham-on-Sea is no mean feat for anyone.

But for a group of 11 young people from Youth Moves this was a challenge they wanted to take on. 

Crossing bridges, beaches, and busy roads they set out on this 15 mile journey on Monday 18th December and arrived at their destination several hours later as night was setting.

It was a 15 mile round trip from Weston-Super-Mare to Burnham-on-Sea setting off on the English Coastal trail

They were able to rest their weary limbs as they arrived late at night in Burnham. But why did they take on this challenge and what for I hear you ask!? 

Well some young people were desperate to go to London and see the Winter Wonderland at Christmas time. And this isn't cheap by any means, so they came up with the idea to do a sponsored walk to raise money to fund the trip themselves. 

The walk crossed through busy roads and towns

We got nearer towards our destination 

The route followed the beach and sand dunes in part

The young people and staff finally all arrived 15 miles later weary and tired at a dramatic Burnham-on-Sea as the sun was setting

And....drum roll...they did! Finally making their way to the end destination of Burnham-On-Sea, for what was an amazing achievement.

Youth Worker Joel, who took part on the walk said : "It was a brilliant day, and we calculated the young people walked over 25,000 steps! So we are very proud of them all."

The fact the young people came up with the idea, raised the money themselves, and took on a walking challenge that was far from easy, is testimony to them and to the youth led values of Youth Moves. 

So they got to have their trip at Winter Wonderland on Friday 22 December , and we will share those photos when they are out!

We would like to congratulate the young people for completing an amazing feat, and having the ingenuity to raise money for it. And of course to everyone that sponsored them we extend a big Youth Moves thank you.

This was such a great way to end the year, and we are excited about what the future holds for 2024! Enjoy :)