Ruby MJ and Laila collectively won the Enterprise Award, an award for creating something innovative and different for the community. 

Did you expect to win?

Ruby -  So I didn't expect it to be us.

MJ No not at all, not at all.

Laila We were in shock, real shock. 

Why were you nominated as a group?

Ruby - because all three of us put together a Christmas meal, for over 80 people at the Park Centre. All people from the local community, with all the trimmings and that. And we went shopping and got decorations and decorated the whole room. 

MJ The café also gave us cooking lessons, so we were ready to do it. We cooked the food over there with them and they helped us bring over the Christmas dinner.

The team all ready outside the Bristol Young Heroes Awards

Why did you want to do it?

Ruby - Because we know not all people have a nice Christmas in the Christmas holidays, so we wanted it to be one for them.

Layla - Because it's was like hard for some people at Christmas, as not everyone has got as much money as others. 

Did you speak when you collected award?

RubyLayla said something

LaylaYeah I had to. Just said we felt really happy and pleased and that we were planning to do more stuff in the future.

So, you might be doing this again next year?

MJ - Dunno dunno. It’s quite a big thing to do. Big thing to organise, so let’s see.

Ruby - We don't know yet. Maybe.

Have you done volunteering or organising stuff like this before? 

Layla - I've done volunteering with Grassroots For Communities. Yeah. 

MJ - I've not done it before.

Ruby - I volunteer here. On Thursday. And then I do some volunteering with the Bristol City Robins Foundation. 

Who were you up against for the award?

Layla - There was two other people. 

Did you enjoy the night?

Ruby - Yes it was good - People were getting a bit emotional and stuff like that.

Congratulations to you all!