One thing we do know, is that the city of Bristol and its future is in safe hands.

It was another night of huge success for Youth Moves at the Bristol Young Heroes Awards.

The annual ceremony which honours all the outstanding young people and their achievements throughout the year, went off with a bang.

Back at the prestigious We Are The Curious centre on Friday 1 October, after being online during covid lockdown last year, it was an even more memorable experience for all.

And for us, it was a night to savour, with four winners, and two nominations.

The stage is set and the tables laid for the prestigious annual Bristol Young Heroes Awards

Expertly hosted by the brilliant Emma Britton, the former BBC Radio Bristol breakfast host, it was a celebration of everything that is great about our city, and the role that young people play within it. The event, which is supported by some of the city's leading businesses, celebrities and local politicians, is driven by Community of Purpose, the charity run by Amy Kington, the former CEO of Bristol City Community Trust (now Robins Foundation). Launched in 2012, the live online event was watched by 6000 people in 2020.

Its aim is to: "shine a light on those who have overcome difficult circumstances, made a difference to the lives of others, or achieved something extraordinary."

And all the nominations in the 11 categories, from the vast array of youth organisations across the city did just that. We were lucky enough and indeed proud to have the following people nominated:

- CJ : Superhero and overall young hero

- Erika : Covid hero

- RJ : Learning hero

- Crystal : Learning hero

- Youth Opinions : Team of heroes

- Jade (staff) : High Sheriff Award

And...drum roll...the final result would see RJ, Erika, and Jade win, alongside CJ who won the overall young hero award. Crystal and the Youth Opinions team missed out this year, but did amazingly to get so far. It's a cliche but to us they are all winners! here they are in their glory! 

CJ winning Overall Hero Award

RJ up on the big screen as he comes away with the Learning Hero Award

Crystal looking proud as she is nominated for the Learning Hero Award

Erika looking happy after receiving her covid hero award

Some of the Youth Opinions group are enjoying a meal at the awards, waiting in anticipation for the Team Heroes award to be announced

Youth worker Jade before she picked up the High Sheriff Award

So congratulations to them all, and indeed to all the winners and nominees across the city, on what was once again a brilliant night.

Big thank you to the Community of Purpose team, for inviting us and making it such a celebration of young people. One thing we do know, is that the city of Bristol and its future is in safe hands.