I think Youth Moves has changed me to become a better person

For a new feature for our website and newsletter, each month one of our youth workers has a chat with a young person and asks some key questions.

They talk about their life, challenges, successes, and how Youth Moves has supported them.

It's uncensored, unedited, and young person led, in true authentic Youth Moves fashion.

This December 2020) its the turn of Charlie-Jayne Fitton, known as CJ.  She is 15 years old. 


How did you get involved with Youth Moves?

I was referred to youth moves by a family member. 


What has been your best experience?

Having a mentor who introduced me to the Youth Opinions group. 


How has Youth Moves helped you?

It has shown me that I have a voice, and I can use it and be listened to. Not just for me but for other young people. Also, by getting me to do things it has kept me out of trouble. 


If another young person asked you if they should get involved with Youth Moves what would you tell them?

Best experience they will receive, and the support will allow them to connect to someone and have their voices heard by people who can help them.


Do you think your life would be different if you were not part of Youth Moves?

I think Youth Moves has changed me to become a better person and without them I would not be the person I am today.


What future do you see with Youth Moves?

I see myself progressing from being a young person to volunteering with youth moves.


Is there anything else you would like to say about us?

I would recommend any young person to take the support from Youth Moves as they can provide young people with a safe place to come and someone, they can trust and talk to and they make everyone feel welcome. 


Thanks CJ - have a great Christmas and New Year!