From where he started this is a major achievement, and I think he’s done an amazing job

When working with young people you don't always get instant results, and more often than not things take time.

One of the key parts of our service at Youth Moves is mentoring and one to one support. Here you can afford to gradually build trust, and work through situations and issues at the pace a young person is comfortable with.

And its after this that you sometimes strike gold, even in the most simplest of ways.

One moment recently was with Michael - a 14 year old from Knowle.

As young person who can be quite shy, Michael engaged better in a one to one setting, and had been having regular sessions with youth worker Jim. Over time they have built up rapport, and explored some key issues together. 

At Youth Moves we strongly believe in celebrating the success and achievements of young people, so when Michael several weeks after starting with Jim, created an absolute masterpiece we had to give him huge props for that.

Jim said: "We have been been working together intensely of late, and I have seen his confidence gradually grow and grow. He is really learning some vital key life skills, and we have worked on getting him to come out of his comfort zone and try new things. That was never more evident than last week."

Michael attempted to bake a cake for the first time in his life, something Jim wasn't sure he would even have tried before. It was impressive. Jim continued: "He created an absolute masterpiece, making a huge chocolate cake topped with his favourite chocolates, Quality Streets.

From where he started this is a major achievement, and I think he’s done an amazing job, and I have to say a huge well done to him," he added.

This cake was of course transported back to Michaels' home for him to devour with his family, but they were all under strict instructions. Michael's mum explained: "He won't allow anyone near it until tea time, because he wants to cut it himself," she laughed.

She was very impressed with his efforts though, and said: "The cake looks really lovely, and Michael was really chuffed with it."

So are we. Well done Michael!

Sometimes it is the small things that make youth work so precious.